Master tailor, Selenge Luvsan-Ochir was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where she started learning how to sew from her grandmother at age 12. From the start, she was gifted at the craft and began making clothing for her siblings. Her passion an ability lead her to pursue a career in the garment industry and when she was 17 she moved to Czechoslovakia to study at the Technical University of Liberec, where she studied all aspects of the garment industry, including tailoring, textile manufacturing, weaving and technology. After six years of studying, she received a degree in Textile and Fashion Design. After graduating, she moved back to Mongolia and managed a garment factory as the chief technologist. In 2002, Selenge and her husband relocated to Northern Virginia where she worked as a tailor for several high-end clothiers before starting her own tailoring shop - Best Fit Tailoring.


With 30+ years of tailoring experience, Selenge can alter a broad range of men's and women's clothing. Consultations are free, so if you would like information on whether a garment can be altered to fit correctly, please feel free to contact or drop by the shop.

location & hours

**June 22, 2020**

We are back open by appointment only, for both drop-offs and pick-ups. Please use the calendar to schedule a date and time.

Best Fit Tailoring

1628 U St. NW

Washington, DC 20009